362V Agreement

This application is the following evidence of the applicant`s quality as an “owner/occupier/person” [z.B copy of the property register, lease, sale and purchase agreement, licence or property management agreement containing the applicant`s full name] An agreement between a commercial seller and a purchaser of a household unit covered by Section 362V (2) of the Act (which deals with a transfer without a code certificate of compliance) must be in the form of 1. a copy of a written agreement between the owner and the Commission so that the certificate of compliance with the code can be issued: in the event of a conflict between this agreement and the contract, the provisions of this agreement apply. Section 362V (1) of the Construction Act 2004 (Act) provides that a commercial seller commits an offence if that commercial seller enters into a sale of the household unit or authorizes the purchaser to hold the budget unit before a certificate of compliance with the code is issued for the budget unit, unless the parties enter into an agreement pursuant to section 362V (2) of the Act. This application is accompanied by proof of ownership: [Copy of the property register, lease agreement, sale agreement or any other document containing the full name of the owner (s) legal (s) of the building] The usual guarantees of the seller (contained in a standard sales and sale contract) when the seller has ordered the work usually expire within six years of the execution of the contract. In situations where a person resells a newly built house, so that it falls within the definition of “on-Seller,” unspoken guarantees (of a 10-year term) are found in the sale and purchase agreement. The parties intend to enter into this agreement in accordance with Section 362V (2) of the Act, in order to allow the commercial seller to enter into a sale of the unit of the household or to allow the purchaser of the unit of the household to take possession of the budget unit before issuing a code compliance certificate relating to the budgetary unit. At the time of this agreement, a building permit was issued for the budget unit, but no certificate of compliance with the code was issued. . Note: The next section should be filled if – . allow the buyer to own the unit of the household.

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