Agreement Negotiation And Development

Once you have a good understanding of the proposed agreements, come back and negotiate any friction points that might hold you back. IP and data security are not the only clauses that require special attention in IT contract negotiations. In fact, for many years in this area, I have come to the conclusion that the conditions of assistance and maintenance are in some way the source of the greatest confusion. In addition, software development agencies may have something to say before the agreement is signed. Since you want to start as “now,” you may not be able to organize your project development schedule immediately for you. Whether you need a few days/weeks to close some projects, or just get the right team for your needs, you should know that it takes a while. Normally, so much is happening in the market, you have to expect that things like the launch of the project today will not happen. Even if the supplier has such a team, it still takes a few days for organizational reasons. Of course, this cannot be done without at least a little confidence on the part of both parties. That`s why it`s so important to be interested in the full understanding of the project and the company you want to work with.

Very often, you will be able to define the commitment and quality level after the first few weeks of work. However, if your project requires a more accurate approach to content and technical feedback before developing properly, each self-respecting software agency will insist on organizing workshops first, which ultimately defines the scope of the project and will alert you to the work culture. This team will be your think tank to ensure that every aspect of the agreement is well thought out and that all issues are addressed. As a general rule, the conditions are already discussed in presale. At this stage, we conduct a series of calls and introductory sessions. This allows us to agree on the timing, scale and work plan, teams, communication methods, payment terms, guarantees and conditions for data security and intellectual property. We ensure that surprises are avoided during the contract negotiation phase and that time will be kept to a minimum for the good of the project.

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