What Is A Work Education Agreement

If a student needs health treatment due to an injury or illness in the workplace, the WSIB Health Professional report (form 8) must be completed. It is the physician`s responsibility to complete a Form 8 report and forward it to the WSIB. The department must be identified as an employer and the business number 250379-FJ must be included in the report. The use of Form 8 ensures that the WSIB does not register the claim as a request from the ombudsman or school principal. The following notification procedures relate to situations in which the ministry covers WSIB`s benefits. In cases where an employer takes over WSIB benefits (i.e. for a student who is employed by the mediator and receives wages), the employer must follow the necessary steps of an employer reporting an injury or illness in the workplace. Students are generally not considered during the trip to and from the internship.3 For more information on the health, safety and well-being of students participating in vocational training or apprenticeship programs can be found in Ontario`s programs, classes 11 and 12: Cooperative Education, 2018. Students who are in vocational training or an experience program and who do not receive a salary are considered employees of the Ministry of Education for coverage within the WSIA, as soon as the “Work Education Agreement” (WEA) form is completed and the internship begins (see “Get WSIA Coverage” section below). In all types of vocational training programs, local businesses and agencies work with headteachers to provide students with broad learning opportunities. Because these programs are based on education experience, not productivity, students generally do not receive salaries from the employment giver. (Student expense or fee allowances are not considered salaries for the purposes of safety and insurance committee benefits.) Concerns have been expressed about students participating in internships where they may be exposed to infectious diseases. These work environments include, among others, hospitals, laboratories, dental practices, ambulance services, veterinary services and nursing homes.

These work environments are not consistent when it comes to requiring vaccinations against various diseases. In addition, TB testing requirements for people working in a number of work environments may not be consistent. A student who suffers an injury or illness during the placement component of a placement or experience program or who suffers from an injury or illness during the placement education or experience component should be harmed or ill by the employer and the teacher concerned, with all the details, including the exact time, place and circumstances in which the illness was sustained or sustained. , to report. A work-related injury or illness that requires only first aid treatment should not be reported to the WSIB, but a recording of the details must be kept by the school`s management. The ministry requires principals to submit the total number of placement hours each year from September 1 to August 31 (school year) for which the Ministry of Education has provided WSIA coverage for students participating in each of the following: WSIA coverage organized through the ministry applies only to the hours and data listed in the WEA form.

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