What Is Lozan Agreement

In the event of a delay with contrary provisions, where, as a result of the setting of a new border, the hydraulic system (pipeline, flood, irrigation, drainage or other similar matters) is dependent in one state on work carried out on the territory of another state, or when use on the territory of a state is carried out because of the prior use of water or hydraulic energy whose source is located on the territory of another state. States concerned in order to preserve the interests and rights acquired by each state state. In the absence of agreement between the two governments within the aforementioned time frame, the dispute is referred to the Council of the League of Nations. The Turkish government or authorities may not exercise, for any reason, political, legislative or administrative powers or powers outside Turkish territory, on nationals of a territory under the sovereignty or protectorate of other powers that have signed the treaty or on nationals of a territory separate from Turkey. Does Erdogan want to review the Lausanne Treaty? Some say that is exactly what he hopes to accomplish. That, according to him, there can be no greater performance than to expand Turkey. As of the date under Article 53, Turkey`s Responsibility is in no way responsible for the debt quotas for which other states are responsible. Subject to any agreement between governments exercising authority in the countries separated from Turkey and the governments of the countries in which these persons are established and Turkish nationals over the age of 18, originating from a territory separated from Turkey under this Treaty and usually residing abroad when they come into force , may opt for the nationality of the territory. of which they have nationality when they belong to the majority of the population of that territory on the basis of their race and the consent of the government exercising the authority exercised there. This right to vote must be exercised within two years of the entry into force of this treaty.

As soon as this treaty enters into force and subject to the provisions of this treaty, the following multilateral treaties, agreements and agreements of an economic or technical nature will enter into force between Turkey and those of the other contracting parties: without agreement, the matter will be settled by arbitration. Roumania and Turkey agree on a fair settlement of the working conditions of the Constanza-Constantinople cable. If the agreement is not reached, the matter will be settled by arbitration. Is it possible to amend a peace agreement as historic as the Treaty of Lausanne? When, at the time of signing this contract, property rights, rights and interests provided for in Section 65. if the authorities of one of the High Contracting Parties have been liquidated, this contracting party is exempt from the obligation to restore ownership, rights and interest by paying the owner the proceeds of the liquidation. If the Joint Court of Arbitration under Section V finds, at the request of the owner, that the liquidation was not carried out under the conditions guaranteeing a fair price, it has the power to order, in the case of an intermediate contract, the addition of the proceeds of liquidation at an appropriate level.

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